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Monster Named One of TIME’s Top 20 CES 2015 Booths

January 9, 2015 |

Various colored monster headphones were lined up on a display at CES.

TIME names Sparks’ client, Monster Products, to The 20 Most Eye-Catching Booths at CES 2015! list. The Las Vegas Convention Center is filled with over 3,500 exhibitors and two million square feet of presentation space for this year’s CES. As an exhibitor it’s tough to make an impression in such an environment, but, Monster pulls it off.

Even though Monster is a notable name, reputation and size are no guarantee for claiming a spot on the CES 2015 list.

Here are rules:
1. Cleverness is more important than size. Just because you purchase tens of thousands of square feet doesn’t mean you earn a spot on the list.

2. The product or brand should come through. Bright lights and loud music are only good ideas if they match the personality of the company. No easy outs here.

3. We’re looking at the big-picture vibe, not any one feature or prop. How does the whole booth come together?

So how did Monster do it?
Throwing celebrities and loud music together has been a staple of Monster’s CES strategy for awhile and 2015 was no different. And while that’s an easy way to snap up a lot of press, Monster’s ability to pair solid, well known music talent, like the The Steve Miller Band, with its technology is key. The brand is good at choosing the right celebrities, like Shaquille O’Neal, to help build authenticity. Shaq handles product introductions like only he can. Monster cleverly wraps their CES experience in the right mix of cultural icons, buzz and product placement. Congrats to Monster!

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